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Thank you for choosing Capital Shift for your funding needs! For our credit line program, we strongly recommend creating an account with a credit-monitoring  site that shows all three credit bureaus  We suggest using Credit Check Total. (We cannot use Credit Karma as it only shows 2 out of the 3 bureaus.) Your information is input into our algorithm, which uses the data to come up with an offer. Please allow our underwriters 24 hours to review your information and we will contact you with the results. If you do not feel comfortable providing us with your login information, you may email a copy of your up to date 3-bure au credit report from Credit Check Total to Note that it will take underwriting longer to review an attached report, as they must do so manually. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Capital Shift is proud to announce our new unsecured credit line loan program with no revenue, collateral or other financial documentation needed! This program is for anyone – from one needing startup loans to an established business loan. You may use the funds however you wish with no restrictions. All you or a cosigner needs is a 600+ FICO!

How it works?

  • Our pre-approval application is simply contact details and a review of your credit history, without us putting an inquiry on it! Get an approval the same day.
  • APR is between 0% - 1.9% during the introductory period of 12 – 18 months. We only charge a fee on the backend once you have funding in hand and never a penny out of pocket.
  • Funds are issued as a credit line but can also be liquidated to cash without paying high cash advance fees most lenders charge.


All you need is a 600+ FICO personal credit score to be pre-qualified for $20k - $130k! If your credit doesn’t meet this threshold, ask a family member (parent, grandparent, sibling), friend or business partner to come on as a cosigner! Don’t worry if your credit has blemishes, inquiries, collections, high utilization, etc. As long as you meet our score requirement, we can help!

Important! You may qualify for more funding! Are you, a family member (living or deceased) or housemate a veteran, in the military or work for the DoD? If so, please describe in the Comments section below!

Personal Loan Applicant Information

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Don't worry, applying does not affect your credit!