Fast Cash Business Loans | Merchant Cash Advance and Financing

You need a hand and you need it yesterday.

Traditional bank loans can take weeks to months to be processed. The loan application alone can take days to complete, if you have everything you need at hand.

Capital Shift Group can get you money fast.

  • Minutes – It only takes a few minutes to fill out the application. A few simple questions and then you click and send.
  • Hours – In 24 hours or less, we will review your application and get back to you regarding your loan approval. All of our applicants received expedited loan processing.
  • Days – In seven days or less, we will deposit funds directly into your bank account and you can get back on track.

We don’t make you wait for weeks or months to get the money you need to get your business up and running.

What can you do with some extra cash?

  • Buy new equipment
  • Repair old, broken equipment
  • Pay your staff
  • Pay your bills
  • Advertise to bring in more customers
  • Renovate to update the look of your business
  • Improve signage to attract more business
  • Improve ingredients and materials to increase the quality of your final product
  • Get past the slow season to get back to making money

Anything you need to increase your business’ success. It’s that simple. Capital Shift Group is only interested in your success.

What about payments? Are they huge?

Capital Shift Group loan payments are based on a percentage of your income each month. You are guaranteed to still have the working capital you need to keep your business alive.

Traditional loans have a set payment. That can be fine when business is good, but if you have a lull, those payments can dip into the money you need to survive.

With variable loan repayment, you never have to worry that the loan that you took out to help your business is going to sink it a few months later.

Please take a few minutes to fill out our application and let Capital Shift Group show you how fast cash can be.


Why Choose Capital Shift?

  • FAST 48 Hour Approvals
  • 90% Approval Rate
  • No Industry Restrictions
  • No Collateral Required
  • Funding in Less Than 7 Days

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