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You are in a tough business. You are in one of the very few businesses where your profits are very strictly regulated. Sometimes, just to stay competitive, you need a little extra help. That’s where Capital Shift Group can help.

We can offer you a no collateral, personal loan to help your business meet its obligations, without a lengthy application process and without credit hassles.

How does it work?

Three easy steps are all that Capital Shift Group needs to get you the cash you need to move forward:

  • Fill out the easy application. It will only take you a few minutes.
  • Capital Shift Group will contact you within 24 hours with a decision.
  • We will deposit cash directly into your bank account within 7 days.

That’s it. One week to getting the cash you need to keep your business running.

What can you do with this extra cash?

Whatever you need to…

  • Make payroll
  • Buy or repair old equipment so you don’t lose product and money
  • Make the utility payments
  • Replace a leaky roof or fix a broken restroom

What is my credit isn’t great?

That’s not a problem. Capital Shift Group isn’t interested in your past, only your future. Your credit doesn’t affect our decisions at all.

What if the payments are too high?

That can’t happen. Capital Shift Group payments are based on a percentage of what you actually make, not a set payment. That means that you pay a lower amount when you make less and you pay a higher amount when you make more. Simple and easy to do.

Please fill out our application and let us refuel your business with an infusion of cash. It will only take a few minutes of your time.


Why Choose Capital Shift?

  • FAST 48 Hour Approvals
  • 90% Approval Rate
  • No Industry Restrictions
  • No Collateral Required
  • Funding in Less Than 7 Days

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