Manufacturing Financing & Loans | Merchant Cash Advance

The economy is improving, but there are still times when the work is lean. Every plant can sometimes use a little financial assistance to get through a rough patch.

Capital Shift can do what no bank is willing to do: We will finance you quickly and easily to help you get the factory back up and running and making money.

How long does it take to apply?

Minutes. In just minutes, you can have your application in front of our loan professionals. We will send you a response, a decision on your loan. Then once approved, we will deposit fund directly into your bank account. It’s that fast. Faster than a bank can even read one of their applications, you can be paying for the things you need to keep the doors opens.

What can you use the money for?

  • Make payroll
  • Buy parts and raw materials to get the machines going
  • Update and upgrade equipment to increase efficiency
  • Purchase replacement equipment for your facility

How much are the payments?

At Capital Shift, we base the payments on how much money you actually make. Rather than forcing you to make the same payment each month, we vary your payment based on a percentage of your income. That makes it much easier for you to make payments without a lot of pain.

How does my credit affect the process?

Not a bit. We don’t factor your credit into our decision-making. We look toward your future, not your past. Whether you have great credit or not-so-great credit, Capital Shift is still here to help you keep your business going.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the application and let Capital Shift finance your future.


Why Choose Capital Shift?

  • FAST 48 Hour Approvals
  • 90% Approval Rate
  • No Industry Restrictions
  • No Collateral Required
  • Funding in Less Than 7 Days

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