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Everyone deserves a chance to succeed, regardless of race, color, creed or any other factors that some people use to judge others by. Capital Shift Group provides minority business cash advances within 24 hours. A minority business loan can help your business move forward, without a long processing times and very long application processes.

What is a minority business loan?

A minority business loan is a loan made to a person who is a member of a minority group. Minority groups are a legally defined status that groups of people are born into or relate to their lifestyle. Race, gender, creed, disabilities and other statuses can all qualify as minorities for purpose of loans.

What is business cash advance?

It is simply the idea that Capital Shift Group will loan you money based on the belief that you are already a success, but that you need a little cash flow to help push you over the top. Cash advances are a quick and simple solution to a business that need a little bit of cash.

Are there benefits to business cash advance?

  • Quick approval –The most important factor is that business cash advances don’t take weeks or months to get approved. Approval usually happens within 24 hours and cash is deposited directly to you.
  • Less self-explanation – With a traditional business loan, you need to write essays, provide detailed business plans and more. With a business cash advance from Capital Shift Group, we will help you get them money that you need without having to tell your entire life story.
  • Urgent needs met – Sometimes while the bank is trying to figure what they are going today, your business struggles. With a payday business loan, you can pay your bills and take advantage an opportunity that requires a quick move.
  • No fixed monthly payments – You won’t have those annoying monthly payments that can become an incredible pain every month.
  • Bad or no credit history is okay – Capital Shift Group is not interested in the events of the past, we are interested in financing your future.

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