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It’s the off-season. The previous on-season was great, but the need to restock and prepare for the coming boom, as well as keeping the store open now, all contribute to a beating on your wallet.

Getting a short-term loan from the bank is out of the question. They don’t like loaning to seasonal businesses in the first place and maybe your credit isn’t perfect.

That’s where Capital Shift comes in.

What can you do with extra cash?

  • Keep on top of payroll
  • Restock and prepare for the next on-season
  • Do an off-season renovation or expansion
  • Open a new line or even expand the store

How high will my payments be?

Your payments are a percentage of your monthly sales, so they are never so high that you can’t afford them. When the cash flow is good, you pay off more of the loan. When things are a bit slower, you pay less.

What is I don’t have months to wait for money?

Capital Shift has made the process quick and simple:

  • The application take only a few minutes
  • You will be notified of a decision in 24 hours or less
  • Money will be deposited in your bank account within 7 days.

It’s really that fast.

What if my credit is less than stellar?

Capital Shift is not interested in your past. We are interested in your future. We don’t worry about the blemishes on your credit history. We work with you to ensure a prosperous future.

Running a retail business is stressful enough without having to sweat the bills and worry if the bank will loan you the money for weeks at a time.

Take a few minutes to fill out the application for a Capital Shift cash advance loan. Let us finance your successful future.


Why Choose Capital Shift?

  • FAST 48 Hour Approvals
  • 90% Approval Rate
  • No Industry Restrictions
  • No Collateral Required
  • Funding in Less Than 7 Days

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