Scrap Metal Business Financing | Merchant Cash Advance Programs

No one really understand what you do or how important it is. You take the metal that would otherwise be thrown into a landfill and you help turn it back into something useful.

When you need extra cash, do you think that you bank will be there to help you out? Unlikely. A lack of collateral and high cash flow business make them nervous. But not Capital Shift Group.

What can you do with a bit of extra cash?

  • Buy new vehicles and equipment
  • Make payroll through the lean times
  • Buy additional raw materials to make a profit from
  • Expand your business to make even more money in the future

How can Capital Shift Group help?

Simple. We loan you money to do all of these things.

What if my credit isn’t perfect?

Not a problem. Capital Shift doesn’t base their loans on your past’ only your future.

What about collateral?

You don’t need it. We are loaning money to you, not against something else.

How long does the whole process take?

A week from start to finish. That’s less time than your bank will take to simply gather the application for you.

  • Minutes for you to fill out the application
  • 24 hours or less for us to get back to you with a decision
  • A week or less for us to deposit the funds directly into your bank account

The best part is that there is no set payment amount. Your payments are based on your actual monthly income. Since it is a percentage of what you make, not some arbitrary flat amount, it will be much easier for you to make the payments without struggling or scrambling to find the cash.

Get your application started today and let Capital Shift help you get your scrap metal business back on track and making money.


Why Choose Capital Shift?

  • FAST 48 Hour Approvals
  • 90% Approval Rate
  • No Industry Restrictions
  • No Collateral Required
  • Funding in Less Than 7 Days

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